The BEST solution if you want to protect what's inside your trailer and container

Specialized alarm system for trailer and container

  1. Battery life

    An incomparable autonomy of one year without needs to be recharged. The system is compatible with "AA" type batteries.
  2. Simple

    The system is armed and disarmed via a control on the trailer so it is impossible to misplace the remote.
  3. Inconspicuous

    The system is very compact so it can be installed even if the interior of the trailer is done. Despite this, the system has two sirens to repel thieves.
  4. Competitive

    Although Karapace is a specialized product, the module has been designed to offer a very competitive price.

See how it looks

It does not matter if your trailer is used to carry high-end vehicles, tools, equipment, etc. You will be happy to know that the installation of a Karapace system is very discreet. In this video, you will notice ... that you will not notice anything since the system is completely hidden. For your information, the system is not installed inside the "cabinets."

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